• $129.99

Wanting a strong but incredibly smooth upper led to Rocky utilizing full-grain leather to build this #RK022 Forge work boot. Phenomenal hardiness and flexibility was attained by employing stitchdown construction. To prevent your heel from constantly sliding back and forth inside of these brown work boots, the footwear was equipped with a reinforced heel counter. Then, you have the padded collar which is great to have because it prevents these leather boots from digging into the back of your legs. 

Objects fall unexpectedly on the jobsite all the time, which is why these men's boots were built with a steel toe - it has met the ASTM F2413 Protective Toe Classification. These Rocky boots also comply with the ASTM F2413 Electrical Hazard Standard, which shields the bottom of these work boots against electrical dangers. 

Having a mesh lining within the interior of these brown work boots works out  tremendously in your favor, because it will prevent the footwear from   rubbing against  your legs  or causing them to chafe. You will quite enjoy having the polyurethane footbed resting underneath your feet; it's particularly flexible and supplies a generous amount of cushioning. In order to keep your legs and feet completely dry down inside of these 8 " boots, the footwear was assembled with Rocky Waterproof construction. 

Assembling this Rocky footwear with a rubber outsole was key to ensuring that the bottom of these boots would be exceptionally hardwearing but still comfortable enough to stand on for great lengths of time, able to offer excellent oil and slip resistance, as well as being outstandingly flexible. There are also traction pods that contribute additional grip and considerable amounts of durability. A 90 degree heel makes the process of ascending/getting down off of equipment astoundingly carefree. 

Remarkable comfort. Astounding level of protection. Fantastic durability. These #RK022 Rocky Forge men's steel-toe work boots are what you have been wanting to wear for years, get yourself a pair today!